Project EFM


Location Laupheim
Year 2008 - 2010
Status Completed
Gross Building Area 362 m²
Gross Building Vol. 1.069 m³
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A EFM (643KB)

The residential building from the late 50s is kept in its position on the plot. It is stripped down to the walls of the ground floor and built up again. The modern way of living in the ground floor is complemented by individual rooms on the upper floor. Hence the building can be inhabited by different users throughout the time.

The removed core of the ground floor is structured only through built-in furniture, thus it gains an open character. The rooms extend outside through gazebo-like annexes that connect the interior to the exterior. A clear void joins the upper and lower floors. A beech hedge and the new carport enclose the two private gardens.

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New building on top of the ground floor of the existing building

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