A-U-R-A EN 2017.02 (70KB)

Architecture, Urbanism + Research Agency A-U-R-A was founded in 2005 by Marisol Rivas Velázquez and Christian Schmutz with the goal of generating clear urban and architectural concepts resulting in tailor-made solutions. Every project aims to be a synthesis of cultural production, spatial quality and the pragmatic handling of construction, program, energy consumption, up-to-date technology and cost efficiency while respecting its context. Its name stands for the main fields of activity and for the nature of their design practice performing as an 'Agency'.

A-U-R-A speaks several languages fluently, not only in terms of idioms but by building platforms for the communication with and among the varying actors and project partners. Its approach incorporates not only plans and perspectives, it also produces texts, models, mock-ups, diagrams and many other visual means to grasp not only the obvious but the often more promising hidden solutions. Hence A-U-R-A involves, from the very beginning, specialists and consultants in order to achieve a fluent developing process. On behalf of integrated results A-U-R-A provides by request all planning services from preliminary design to execution planning up to site supervision. Long lasting personal contacts to architects, engineers and planners on a national and international level form the basis for viable cooperations also on remote projects inland and abroad.

Taking an active part at different scales, A-U-R-A's range of work comprises interiors, such as exhibitions, shops and booths, housing projects, public buildings, infrastructure and urban planning. Besides built projects and success in competitions A-U-R-A deals with architectural and urban research topics in studies that become part of international exhibitions and publications.

Teaching and researching at universities has become an integrative part of their practice. Their academic engagement focusing on issues of strategic design keeps them developing a critical attitude and a state-of-the-art level of design.