Project BZI
Client Municipality of Innichen, IT
Year 2014
Partner Dr. Josef Watschinger,
  Director Welsberg school district
  Initiator of 'Lernen & Raum'
Cooperation Institute of Design.Studio2
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A BZI (348KB)

Within the framework of a design studio that was tutored by Marisol Rivas Velázquez and Christian Schmutz at the Institute of Design Studio2 / Faculty of Architecture of Innsbruck University students developed conceptual studies for the education zone in Innichen/ South Tyrol in the summer semester of 2014. Special attention was given to the situation and functional aspects of the run down secondary school inside the schools area and to the needs of the citizens.

Following a participatory workshop with local actors such as pupils, teachers, townspeople and politicians, an urban analysis and the investigation of possible programmatic configurations students produced a series of alternative design schemes. Significant aspects of their intermediate and final results found their way into the assignment of the architectural competition that followed. Marisol Rivas Velázquez and Christian Schmutz then were involved in the decision making for the future new building of the secondary school as jury members.

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